A Too-Late Plea On Behalf Of Three Ninjas


With the Sweet Sixteen of 90s Movie Madness well underway, the comment boards have devolved into a series of really angry people complaining about a movie that they cannot believe is losing (myself included – mandatory Airborne screening next week for everyone who voted against it).

However, I received a particularly passionate defense of Round 1 casualty 3 Ninjas from my friend Steve, who sent me the following GChat message this afternoon:

Steve: i can’t believe 3 ninjas went down in the first round
what the f*ck is wrong with people

me: encino man lost too! crazy

Steve: NO
the clear winner was 3 ninjas
i’ve been counting down the days until it won
it was 3 ninjas and 63 losers

For all those who doubt, Steve directs our attention to this clip from the very end of 3 Ninjas entitled “3 Ninjas – Give us our bikes back!” The action turns overwhelmingly 90s starting around the 0:27 mark when the background beat kicks up — if you voted for Titanic in Round 1, good luck watching this clip and not kicking yourself:

Best part? At 0:50, the “SIGH…We must restrain ourselves, for we are ninjas” hand gesture.

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