Lindsay: Ready To Fake Sex Tape For Millions?


Lindsay Lohan Porn

This story is ridiculous and today is April 1st, so please take it with a billion grains of salt. It could totally be BS, but we are hopin’ and prayin’ that it’s not. WWTDD is alleging that Lindsay Lohan may be in talks to film a sex tape and then release it, all the while pretending it was stolen and leaked without her permission. The actress is strapped for cash, and the porn producer that is lending her his Maserati is supposedly offering her millions to do this sex flick.

Apparently Lindsay could pick the dude (who would remain anonymous), and the video would be relatively hardcore and released in two parts, with a total of six different scenes. It’s origin would be attributed to her trip to Mexico last September with Sam Ronson, (which doesn’t totally make sense as she’d then be the logical sex partner, but we’ll take it).

Is Lindsay crazy/broke enough to do something like this? We’d say no, but this is the girl who got coked up, stole a car and tried to run her assistant off the road. Anything is possible!  [Photo: WireImage]

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