90s Movie Madness: The Final Four


We’re down to the Final Four of 90s Movie Madness, after bidding farewell to #1 seeds Billy Madison and American Pie, as well as the upstart Home Alone and the unlucky Reality Bites, which would’ve been a sure Final Four entrant if it could have avoided tournament juggernaut Clueless (we’ll chalk that one up to the Selection Committee).

Is a Clueless / Wayne’s World Finale inevitable? Or will the Clerks fans (or Scream fans – ??) rally for their 90s cause? Vote away after the jump — the Finals will take place on Monday to coincide with that other lesser tournament also going on:

Final Four

Vote away, and feel free to spend your weekend indoors angrily arguing catchphrases and fashion trends in the comments:

(Poll embeds via XversusY.com)

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