JAPAN UPDATE: A Giant Penis Parade Happened


Every so often we like to check in on the country of Japan, just to make sure they’re still remembering to be Japan:

Penis Parade

Yyyyyep, giant pink penis float being paraded through downtown Kawasaki – looks like everything is in order here. Way to continue to be Japan, Japan.

After the jump, a bunch more penile pics from the Kanamara Festival – I guess NSFW? They’re pretty adorable d*cks…

Like a Crayola Crayon Box, but penises. The Penis Sharpener on the box is just as useless though:

Mulicolored Penises

A coin-operated ride for the kiddies:

Wooden Penis

You’ve heard of leafy “greens”? Well you might call these, leafy “c*cks”. Or leafy peens. I prefer my first one though.

Leafy Peen

And finally, an extremely self-assured (and class-ayyy) lady:

Penis Pop

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