Who’s Crazier – Lindsay Or The Photogs That Follow Her?


These two videos of Lindsay Lohan out and about on Saturday paint an ugly picture of both the starlet and the photographers who stalk her. The first – posted above – is of the poor girl holed up in a car covering her face as she waits in line at the McDonalds’ drive-thru. They taunt her with questions until she finally gives in and responds to them, while covering her face with her plastic hair extensions the entire time. She manages to work in a dig at Charlotte Ronson, who apparently refused Lindsay entry at her party this weekend. As they drive off, you can her one photog comment, “She’s f*cked up.”

The second clip (below) is longer and even more disturbing. The starlet is sitting in a parked car with a pal inside her garage. She’s too scared to come out of the car due to the presence of the camera men, who refuse to back away from the vehicle. They taunt and tease her about her alleged break up with Samantha Ronson this weekend and at one point giggle like a pack of prepubescent school girls picking on their favorite freak. At around the 2:40 mark you can hear Lindsay screaming at Samantha on the phone, shouting “f*ck you, f*ck you!” After the call though, she tells the paps, “F*ck yeah I have a girlfriend and I love her very much.”

At the end of the second video, Lindsay accuses the paparazzi of taking someone who “actually has talent and wants to be something, and wants to share something and do something good for people…and you put a video camera on them and you fucking build them up and take them down.” What with the recent rumors of Sam changing the locks on Lindsay and her rambling twitter feed addressing the drama, we think she’s doing a decent job bringing herself down. But we can’t help but pity the position she’s in – followed, freaked out, harassed and left to fend for herself.  [via ONTD]

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