Nicolas Cage Forced To Sell One Of His Castles


nicolas cage & his castle

Hard times. Nicolas Cage is blaming the “difficult economic situation” for his decision to sell a Bavarian castle he purchased in the halcyon days of 2006. Cage, who has been pulling down salaries as big as $20 million a movie for over a decade, will still keep the English castle he purchased in 2007. Hard times.

Cage has bought and sold (or at least is trying to sell) land in Nevada, California and Louisiana—even a $7 million island in the Bahamas—but this is the first time he’s blamed the economic climate for his decision to drop property. “Even if Neidstein castle is no longer in my possession, it will always have a firm place in my memory,” Cage told a German weekly, despite reportedly spending only one night in the castle. Hard times.

It’s difficult to believe that a well-paid star who’s set to appear in five movies this year (two animated) would need to sell off a castle he’d spent millions on renovating, but we understand his urge to simplify. One castle is enough for any man, really. Even Nicolas Cage.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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