90s Movie Madness: Clerks Is Your Winner


Ladies and gentlemen, the 90s-est Movie of All Time:


Clerks Wins 

If you didn’t happen to catch yesterday’s Kevin Smith Twitter-aided comment jamboree, I’ll sum it up for you:

Comment #1: I can’t believe Clueless lost. This blows, I’m done with this stupid tournament.

Comment #2: Clerks is a landmark film that inspired so many aspiring filmmakers, it’s way better than stupid Clueless.

Comment #3: CALM DOWN, you motherf***ers, it’s an INTERNET POLL.

(REPEAT x1000)

First off, Clerks being a more inspirational film or even a ‘better’ film than Clueless doesn’t really factor into the voting, the question was solely “which movie is more 90s?” I also love how many Clerks people pretended to be objective about their votes and the tournament results, as if the 200,000 people who follow Kevin Smith’s Twitter were actually gonna come to the poll and think long and hard about which movie was more 90s, then all ultimately decided it was indeed the film whose director they idolize.

That being said, Clerks is still the winner, and I’m actually kind of glad that this controversy arose because 1) It’s more exciting than Clueless just anticlimactically winning the tournament, which it surely would have (and deservedly so), and 2) Once Airborne and White Men Can’t Jump were eliminated, you f***ers were on your own. Oops, that just slipped out, my bad.

Thanks to everyone for participating, voting, arguing, leaving five-paragraph comments that everyone skips over, and ultimately making us think long and hard about what it means to be 90s (which, ironically, does not involve thinking long or hard about anything).

The final brackets are after the jump – feel free to keep the arguments going in the comments:



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