Idol: America Turns A Blind Eye to Scott (Too Soon?)



There were only about eight minutes of actual content in last night’s results show of American Idol, and of that content, none of it was remarkable. Unless you count the celebrity sightings of Mario Lopez and the mayor of Kalamazoo, Michigan. We knew that Scott MacIntyre would probably be sent to the bottom three, but the other two that joined him were anybody’s guess and when all was said and done, Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds joined him. It was Scott though who finally was sent home. His time had definitely come but it was actually bittersweet. Also bittersweet,  the fact that there were only four moments we could scrape together because this episode offered nothing.

4. The Search is Over for Scott

After Scott was revealed to be the lowest vote-getter, he walked the metaphorical plank while the Dread Pirates Abdul, Cowell, Jackson and DioGuardi debated his future. The judges’ votes were split two to two on whether to save him (but you know that had they saved him this week, he would get the boot next week). Ultimately we think it was his last high note (“Living for a drrreeeaAAM!”) where his voice cracked that spelled the end  for him. As always though, he was a class act and in a special PSA at the end of the show, Paula Abdul said as much when she went on about how amazing he was, when really you know the voices in her head were like “Just don’t say the word ‘blind’ out loud and you’ll be fine!”

3. With Special Guests

Despite the three guest appearances (a crappy one by season five loser Kellie Pickler who sang a song Taylor Swift helped her write, a confetti-filled one by Flo Rida, and a surprise one by Frankie Avalon) the show still suffered from a lack of real stage presence. The Frankie Avalon appearance seemed to surprise Simon, as it was in his honor (Frankie sang “Venus”, a song from the year Simon was born, 1959) but it doesn’t change the fact that, even for the older-than-18-to-24-year-old audience, the only thing we really know Frankie Avalon for is the Grease theme. That and discovering a fountain of youth. Simon called Avalon and Ryan Seacrest twins, and he wasn’t entirely off-base.

2. Lambert: We Must Clarify Our Feelings

We were hoping Seacrest or Adam Lambert or someone might bring up the fact that anyone who recorded Tuesday night’s show was in for a surprise when the last seven minutes were cut off because the show ran long. Alas, as is consistent with everything in Seacrest’s life, it was kept quiet and swept under the rug. Ryan just recapped the fact that Simon L-O-V-E-D Lambert’s version of “Mad World”. After re-watching it, we’ll admit if grew on us (happy, Lambert lovers??) and it’s amazing to see just how many people searched for various versions of it on YouTube (including us), and we can’t fault him for turning America on to an awesome song.

1. Conspiracy Theory

Allison Iraheta and Lil Rounds carried the group song, “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” while the guys sang all the la-la-la’s, and it dawned on us that even if America isn’t showing the girls much love in the voting department, they have to stick around (and perhaps be judges-saved) for the sake of the group songs. If we get rid of Lil, poor Allison is going to have to hold her own with all the guys and the choreography of it all is just going to be so lopsided. Not to mention what will they do for the Ford Videos? Last night’s intro to the Ford video was longer than the video itself and, save for Anoop in a ridiculous bellboy outfit, we had no idea what anyone was supposed to be and the “magic show” concept was lost on us. Also, if Lil could loosen up in her performances the way she played around for the group song, she might be better-received, we liked her Kylie Minogue impression.

Final Thoughts:

Even when in full-length gloves, Paula and her jewelry collection still represent. The woman can never wear too many accessories.

Poor Matt Giraud, every week Ryan fakes him out about being in the bottom and every week he falls for it.

[Photo: Frank Micelotta / FOX]

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