LOST RECAP: If Talking To Dead People Is Cool, Consider Me Miles Straume


The following is a recap of Lost Season 5 Episode 13 entitled “Some Like It Hoth”, originally airing April 15, 2009. If you continue to read on, I’ll spoil more things for you than just the really stupid title of the episode.


Haley Joel LostmentThe title of last night’s episode, Some Like It Hoth, reminded me of when Radiohead revealed the title of Hail To The Thief and all of us had to be like “umm…well, we really like them, so let’s just all agree to ignore how flagrantly retarded that name is, deal?” The title ultimately referred to Hurley literally writing the script to Empire Strikes Back in a Dharma composition book, as well as the overarching theme of Miles (Luke Skywalker) coming to grips with his estranged father Pierre (Wedge Antilles). Together with the help of Sawyer (R2D2) and Kate (The Rancor), they can unravel the mysteries of the island (the elephant from Jabba’s saloon). In short, the metaphor was perfect.

Pierre n Lil MilesThe episode got going (after no “Previously on Lost” segment) with Horace welcoming Miles into his circle of trust (was this episode based on Empire or Meet the Parents?) Miles is employed to pick up a dead body of a man who “fell in a ditch” and ended up with a bullet in his skull and deliver it to Pierre Chang, Miles’ plot-confirmed father (way to call that one, commenters like 15 months ago!) Hurley decides to tag along for total plot convenience to deliver sandwiches for total plot convenience (had it right the first time), immediately discovers the body, then magically channels Cindy Brady and tells Pierre “don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about the dead body…Oooopsies!!!!!” followed by a lengthy subplot about Hurley dealing with the gap between his teeth.

Hurley intentionally asks Pierre questions about his son while Miles is present, then asks Pierre about grabbing beers together with the two of them sometime and eventually drives Miles to admit that he has no interest in learning more about his father, because, as Hurley (and Empire) point out, he’s afraid to humanize the man he’s spent his whole life hating/ignoring. We’re yet to learn the exact interaction between Pierre and his wife that resulted in Chang “abandoning” them by choosing to stay on the island (“I really want to get gassed, and I’d appreciate a little support from my wife!”) The episode ends after Miles watches his dad reading Little Him a story, a moment so touching he decides to forego the lightsaber duel he was planning.

Still, I greatly prefer Star Wars references that I can actually get as they happen instead of reading online about how some episode mirrored the plot of a mythical 13th Century Egyptian scroll — it’s the same feeling when Jeopardy contestants finally run out of “Ukranian Literature” categories in a round and have to begrudgingly pick “Movies” for $200.


“Some Like It Hoth” (still shuddering) marked a return to the conventional current plot/flashback style of Lost episode, opening with a glimpse of toddler Miles listening to a dead body who was “still talking,” following Miles through his J-Punk phase and eventual recruitment by Naomi for the Charles Widmore Hateboat. My friend pointed out the obvious teenage Miles / Rufio comparison:

Miles Rufio

After a successful stint as a self-employed spiritualist, past Miles is approached by Naomi and taken to a dead body in a restaurant for his “audition” (sing “One Song Glory” to this body, then we’ll do some scales) and accepts Naomi’s $1.6 million offer to join Team Widmore in wacky “no thanks – MONEY – where do I sign up??” slapstick fashion — Widmore’s initially-targeted spiritualist, a Scott Boras client, signed with the Yankees for 5 years, $128 million. Miles is later abducted while eating a fish taco (snicker) by Bram and a team of Ben-goons who attempt to convince Miles that he’s playing for the wrong team. Miles refuses, saying he’s only interested in money, and (as we know) chooses the Widmore boat, though in one final flashback scene, we see Miles returning money to a customer whose son he falsely represented, showing a conscience deep beneath that rough, backtalking, dad-hating Miles exterior.

Also, now that his role on the show has been sharply defined, I’d throw Ken Leung among the elite group of Lost actors, alongside Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn – he was outstanding again in last night’s episode, and has delivered every time the show’s given him the opportunity.


Ben DadGood Roger has remained for a couple episodes now, exhibiting genuine concern and urgency for his son’s well-being that we never noticed back when he was forgetting Ben’s birthday every year and barely apologizing. I thought it was a strong plot decision for Ben’s Dad to suspect Kate during her attempt to cheer him up — between that and Phil’s discovery of the Sawyer tape, the Present Day-ers (what should we call their group now? they’re not just the Oceanic Six) are finally going to have to face the music and fess up to Horace and the actual Dharmas. Will they formulate a plan? Rat each other out? Join the Others? Hide out? Maybe a giant rumble will erupt and the smoke monster will have to intervene and break it up? Or will both sides just agree to kill Jack as a penance and go back to the way things are?

Also, between Sawyer and Don Draper, Patrick Fischler is really good at getting punched in the face. Any casting directors from the Three Stooges movie out there watching?


I'm BackI spent seven hours at the water cooler this morning talking about the earth-shattering reveal at the end that Faraday had returned. We didn’t even have a water cooler — I went and bought one off Craigslist from some office that hasn’t needed it since Seinfeld ended just so I could discuss with other people how amazingly shocking it was that Faraday returned to the show.

I realize that his whereabouts will be a prime topic of discussion in the next ep, and that he probably holds the key to the time traveling stuff and him addressing Miles by name meant that he was present-day Daniel in the 70s not originally on the island Daniel (unless he recognized the baby), but still, almost every episode this season has ended with a twist that could barely merit a commercial break, let alone the dreaded “Lost” end titler that makes you want to yell “awww man, I can’t wait til next week.” I haven’t felt that way at any point this season, and while I’ve mostly enjoyed the episodes individually, and I greatly prefer the show answering questions and proceeding in a logical fashion instead of throwing in more twists for the hell of it, I’m definitely feeling some Season 5 fatigue.

Episode thoughts, comments, theories, predictions, Star Wars jokes, and Hurley moments — throw ‘em all in the comments!

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