Even Kelly Bensimon’s Own Breasts Hate Her


Say what you will about The Real Housewives of New York: Bethenny‘s funny and skinny; Ramona might be a lithium addict; the Countess Luanne sh*ts diamonds; and Jill loves fabric (even though her house is a Liberace nightmare). But for all of their faults, perhaps no Housewife is more hated, more reviled, than Kelly Kiloren Bensimon, former model and current divorcee, who picked a fight with Bethenny, one of the only redeeming people on the entire series.

The good news? Looks like her own siliconbags are looking to fly the coop:

Kelly Killoren 1.JPG

As Ben at B-Side Blog put it: “This picture really brings new meaning to Kelly’s signature put-down ‘I’m up here, and you’re down here.’ (I could not improve upon perfection in this case.)

Ahead, Kelly proves that the Devil was born nipple-free:

Kelly Killoren 2].JPG

It’s like Gabrielle Reese and that other guy are Magneto and, her breasts, solid iron. Unless all that tanning just turned them into two giant tumors, in which case, our “B”.

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