Star Jones Makeover: Fab Or Fail?


As a co-host on The View, Star Jones made a name for herself with humor, wit, wild hair, bold outfits, and legal smarts. She was also known for embracing her large size, but when she passed 300 pounds and her weight began to affect her health, Star decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. She told Oprah Winfrey in 2009, “I was an addict for all practical purposes, that I had never stuck to a real diet, that I’d never stuck to a real exercise program, and that when confronted by my doctor and the doctor said if you don’t make changes, you will die. I had no choice.”

But while Star did choose surgery, she decided against sharing her decision with the public, and forbade her colleagues on The View from mentioning it. Fans grew frustrated as Star continued to chalk up her drastic weight loss — some 160 pounds — to diet and exercise. Star later revealed the truth and apologized to her co-workers, saying, “I’m so sorry that I placed a burden on my colleagues. I never asked them to lie.”

Star is now rocking a slim build and has no problem showing it off. And while she’s certainly healthier now, is she taking her quest for skinny too far?

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