TRENITA: The Best Person in the World Is Looking for a Date


Our thanks go out to Buzzfeed/Urlesque‘s Eliot Glazer, who first introduced us to our favorite person who has ever existed on the internet: Trenita. Trenita appeared on the Dating on Demand channel in an effort to find the love of her life — and her requirements are simple: You can’t be laid back, you must love freebies, and let’s just say anything Nine Inch Nails related will cause you to OD on armfuls of Trenita in the morning iffff you get what we’re saying. (Ed. Note: She’ll sleep with you.)

Trenita is a rare specimen: Someone who is totally herself, completely un-self-conscience, fun as hell, and, frankly, adorable. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE DATE HER AND THEN TELL US HOW IT WENT??? Because if spending 2 minutes with her in the following video is this enjoyable, imagine spending the whole night.

How amazing is she?

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