Victoria Beckham Makeover: Fab Or Fail?


Victoria Beckham morphed from the baby-faced pop singer of The Spice Girls to super thin fashionista with an oft-imitated bob. Marrying hottie footballer David Beckham and paling around with the likes of Katie Holmes and Will Smith only further solidified her A-list status. Attributing her shrinking frame to controlled eating, Victoria has insisted she’s never had an eating disorder. And while she’s never publicly discussed her rumored plastic surgery, Victoria inadvertently admitted to a boob job when she exclaimed on her show Victoria Beckham: Coming To America, “I really thought that one of my silicones was going to fly out of my armpit then.”

Although Victoria makes other moms of three green with envy, she insists she doesn’t like many things about her picture-perfect frame. “There are loads of things I don’t like about my body. I don’t like my hair, my belly button, my stomach or my fingernails. Also I have no definition, probably from having babies. I could go to the gym but I haven’t got the time or the energy.” Do you miss the cutesy/sexy pop singer known as “Posh Spice?” Or do you prefer the haute couture-wearing vision of sophistication that Victoria Beckham is now?

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