While You Were Recovering From A Crazy 4:20 Of Cooking Dinner And Going To Bed


Slumdog Fight

  • The mother and stepmother of Rubinia Ali, the Slumdog Millionaire actress recently put up for sale, got into a fight in the streets of Mumbai yesterday. Ladies, please — take out your aggression on that shady dude who was blinding kid singers.
  • The Twilight sequel is entering production despite a lawsuit against Stephenie Meyer from her friend, who claims that Meyer stole her idea for a book about teenage vampires who sparkle when the sun hits them and also one of them makes an effort to only suck animal blood.
  • Lindsay Lohan is reportedly close to signing up for a Las Vegas stripshow, and I have absolutely no problems with this story.
  • “Adults Steering Clear Of Movies Because of Economy” makes a lot of sense, because most children still have their jobs and money in these tough times.
  • Justin Timberlake’s reality show The Phone debuts on MTV tonight; JT describes the show as “We take four people and put them through a game of hell basically,” meaning, he calls people up and forces them to watch whatever reality show is airing on VH1 opposite their timeslot.