The Top 10 Sitcom Cameos Made By Other Sitcom Characters


A few days ago, a heated argument took place at headquarters (Arby’s). My coworker insisted that an episode existed where Steve Urkel crash landed into the backyard of The Full House set wearing a jet pack. I insisted that in no way, shape, or form could such a golden unicorn egg of delights possibly exist. Well, after hours of Google searches and tears of laughter, we discovered we were both wrong. (The answer awaits you ahead.) It was because of this fight, however, that we uncovered a treasure trove of nearly unbelievable clips featuring characters from one sitcom visiting the set of an entirely different sitcom. Some of you might call it “synergy”; we call it “magical”.

So please, join us for a walk down unbe-f**king-lievable memory lane, as we bring you the The Top 10 Sitcom Cameos Made By Other Sitcom Characters. Beginning with #10:

10. “Urkel Visits Full House” Get this: Steve Urkel plays cousin to one of DJ’s school pals. What are the odds? Well, that’s the kind of question only a small black child genius could answer, because our minds our busy pouring out of our earholes from WTF-ness. Uncle Jesse teaching Steve Urkel HOW TO WALK? Urkel dealing Uncle Danny love advice? And asking for cheese? There’s a TI-85 graph of my head exploding somewhere right now.

REASON TO WATCH: Check this clip out if only to realize that Jaleel White may have been the most talented child actor ever see John Stamos’ jean-peen.



9. Absolutely Fabulous Visits Roseanne Remember when both AbFab and Roseanne were hit shows? We do (even though they weren’t hits at the same time). But we definitely have no recollection of the classy ladies from England parlaying with Roseanne and Jackie on the show’s famed Halloween episode. But you know what? It worked. Also, remember when Roseanne got thin? LOL of Fame.

REASON TO WATCH: Keep your ears peeled for a hilariously dated reference to Kathie Lee Gifford’s sweatshops.


8. Bewitched Hangs Out with The Flintstones: Bewitched’s Samantha and Darren — both animated and with crazy eyes — randomly show up in the Stone Age. And because back then women were born without arms and legs, Samantha convinces Wilma and Betty to show their husbands that they can be just as good at camping as the men are. In the process, Samantha uses her Devil Magic to clean up Pebbles’ room, because, hey, they’re still women. (Starts at 2:33)

REASON TO WATCH: Samantha’s witchcraft scares the SH*T out of Dino, replete with violin glissandos and “yipes”. Also, we never realized how flat-chested Wilma and Betty were until that witchslut showed up.


7. THREE PACK: Caroline in the City on Friends, Friends on Caroline in the City, Friends on The Single Guy NBC tried to blur the lines between their 90’s White People with Problems lineup by having characters fall into each others episodes. Also, David Schwimmer thinks Jonathan Silverman is gay for him, and dare we say their chemistry reaches heights that Ross and Rachel could only dream of.

If you love laughtracks, you’ll love kill yourself. Also, please take the time to remember The Single Guy, maybe the most underrated sitcom ever which also starred Ernest Borgnine as an elevator operator.


6. Step By Step meets Boy Meets World in Disney World Notable only because there is never a mention that it is an actual cameo. There’s never any “Hi! I’m Dana from Port Washington, Wisconsin. Isn’t Disney World great?”

REASON TO WATCH: Rider Strong.
REASON NOT TO WATCH: Topenga & Every Other Bad Actor on Boy Meets World.


5. The Jeffersons on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith and Nia Long go to couples counseling, only to bump into, who else, George and Weezie Jefferson. (Starts at 2:50 but watch from beginning, trust.)

REASON TO WATCH: Scientology, Shmientology — WILL SMITH IS HILARIOUS NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS. This clip is beyond to die for funny (with no thanks to Nia Long).


4. Frasier & Lillith visit Wings According to its Youtube description: “Dr. Frasier Crane’s plans to conduct a self-esteem seminar on Nantucket are interrupted by Helen’s accusations that he ruined her life in New York City when she attended one of his seminars. Instead of the refund she desires, Frasier allows Helen to attend the seminar for free laksjkldjalkshfjhffffffffff” (head asleep on keyboard) Honestly, we couldn’t bring ourselves to watch the entire clip.

REASONS TO WATCH: None that we can think of, especially since Tony Shalhoub isn’t in it.


3. Different Strokes Visits Silver Spoons and Hacks into the military… through COMPUTERS! If you can forget for just a moment that Gary Coleman is at least 30 years older than Ricky Schroeder in this clip, you will find it highly enjoyable! How these two never got their own spin-off series is beyond us. (“Tiny and the Blonde”; “Midgy and Tally”; “That One Kid from That Show and That Other Kid from That Show”… the title possibilities are endless.)

REASON TO WATCH: At around 5:30 in, you will see the graphics that went on to inspire The Matrix.


2. Seinfeld on Mad About You Yes, even Seinfeld stooped to “Crossover Cameo” lows, as Paul Reiser shows up at Kramer’s door because… he… owns… it. Paul Reiser owns Kramer’s apartment, and gives it to him in exchange for a box of Cubans. (Not the people, the cigars.) What follows is the second most desperate thing you’ve ever seen Michael Richards do on camera after the “N-bomb heard around the world”.

: If you ever needed a reason to hate Seinfeld, this will be it.


1. Urkel Crashes Step by Step: THE ULTIMATE IN TV SITCOM CROSSOVERS. Steve Urkel flies a jetpack from Chicago to Port Washington, Wisconsin to crash-land in the backyard of the Step by Step family. But, dare I say, after the initial crash-landing, Urkel is sadly wasted in the episode. We’ve posted the beginning, and then ahead, the Urkel Dance — which is actually pretty suggestive.

REASON TO WATCH: Are you serious? URKEL CRASH-LANDS IN A BACKYARD. Easily the highlight of the entire Step by Step series.





Others we’re missing? Leave ‘em in the comments! (With many thanks to Intern Dave for his incredible research skills.)

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