Courtney Love ‘Adopts’ Peaches, Bashes Pammy



A motherly match made in showbiz hell? Or the best, most mental-sounding celebrity pairing for a long while? Apparently Courtney Love has take it upon herself to be an American mom for Peaches Geldof, sharing her home and her wardrobe with the erstwhile Brit when she’s in the U.S.

“Courtney was one of the last people to see Peaches’ mum Paula Yates before she died and has always promised to look out for her girls. She has a special soft spot for Peaches — and the pair chat regularly on the phone and, as is the case these days, over Twitter,” a source says.

But Courtney couldn’t just be spreading maternal love — nope, reportedly she’s also been spreading rumors that Pamela Anderson is broke and trashy. Britain’s Metro reports la Love as claiming Pammy “doesn’t have a credit card” and lives on a “trailer park in Malibu”. Ladies, ladies! How old are we here?  [Photos: FilmMagic, Getty Images]

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