Zoos Still Milking These Fake Tiger/Dog Interspecies Friendships


Michelle called out publicity-seeking animal keepers earlier this month by suggesting that the viral-gold stories about interspecies animal friendships were staged, but that exposé hasn’t stopped zoos from going out of their way to grab some free interspecies attention. Take, for example, this dog nursing a tiger cub in South Africa:

Tiger and Dog

Adorable, yes, and the story mentions that the tiger was the runt of its litter and rejected by its mother, which is also sad and adorable, but their first solution is to give the tiger cub to a domesticated dog?? Not to have another tiger raise it, or to just have zookeepers raise it in captivity, but to deliberately give it to a dog so they could snap some adorable doggie/cubbie photos and get on BWE (oops!) in the two months before the cub becomes too large and dangerous to be around the dog and the keepers will have to take care of it anyway?

I second Michelle’s objection — we are so over you, interspecies relationships.

But if you can’t resist, two more pics after the jump:

Enjoy it now, dog! That tiger’s gonna be eight times your size in like three days!

Tiger and Dog 2

Awwww, adorable! The zoo is putting them in the same cage and pushing them towards each other!!! They should cover the tiger’s face in peanut butter so they kiss.

Tiger and Dog 3

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