Ice Skating + “Poker Face” = The Gayest Thing You Will Ever See


POKER FACE FACE.JPGWe know what some of you are thinking: Ice skating is already pretty gay. (Which, let’s face it, is why you love it.) The outfits, the spins, the footwork, the music – it’s a love affair of rosy cheeks; an ice dance from a fairy tale. And while we recently claimed that the opening credits to “Any Dream Will Do” may be the gayest thing out there, we would like to replace that claim with the following performance which is, easily, the gayest thing we’ve ever seen (again, all meant in a good way.) Ice Skater Johnny Weir choreographed a skate routine to Lady Gaga’s infectious hit “Pokerface”. And in the routine, he dons his best costume — a relic found inside the body cavity of Liberace‘s ghost corpse — and puts on his best eye make-up — inspired by a swab taken of Mesach Taylor’s bed linens — to bring to the world the fiercest thing anyone has ever done on ice since Ben Stiller’s Scorcher series. This is the most fabulous thing we’ve ever seen.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to butch up figure skating… we’ve got the answer after the jump.

Answer? Just have Evgeni Plushenko do everything. Like the following performance, which ranks #1 on our “LOLs per second” list.

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