MTV Awards Again Fix Oscar’s Mistakes By Recognizing That Dark Knight Was In Fact A Movie


The MTV Movie Award nominees were just announced, and wouldn’t you know it, The Dark Knight was actually nominated for “Best Movie,” unlike some other awards shows. As we all know, a landmark heart-attack-inducing action movie with ridiculous special effects and stunts and a disturbing storyline and phenomenal acting just can never be as noteworthy as a completely ok history-related thing, forcing me to again revisit the question — do the MTV Movie Awards get it right more often than the Oscars?

Your 2009 MTV Movie Award “Best Movie” Nominees:

MTV Nominees

I conducted this comprehensive scientific study a year ago and concluded that while the MTV Awards had indeed picked better “Best Movie” winners than The Oscars on many occasions, they’ve slipped badly with their back-to-back Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Transformers selections the past two years. This year’s MTV Movie Awards can take this argument in three different directions:

Dark Knight1) The Dark Knight wins “Best Movie,” upholding the MTV Awards’ ability to look past a movie’s blockbuster label and simply reward really awesome movies for being really awesome movies. I greatly enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire and was glad it won the Oscar, but I’m still bitter Dark Knight and WALL-E weren’t even in the Best Picture discussion, and an MTV Award win would go for some slight redemption.

2) Slumdog Millionaire wins “Best Movie,” and for the third time in history, the Oscars and MTV Awards overlap (the previous two were Titanic and LOTR: Return of the King). This would mark an odd turn towards the semi-artsy for the MTV Awards, but I’d also be intrigued by this outcome.

3) High School Musical 3 or Twilight wins “Best Movie.” Oscars triumph for the third straight year. I’ve excluded the fifth nominee, Iron Man, from the discussion, cause I imagine anyone who’d vote for it in the first place would just vote for Dark Knight instead, even though it was also highly enjoyable.

My prediction? Twilight, obviously. Though voting is currently open, and if I figure out how to set up a spambot, Dark Knight may finally get the recognition that I care way too much about it getting. Until my MTV-teen spambot becomes self-aware, then it’ll start voting for Twilight anyway and everything will backfire.

MTV Movie Awards thoughts/predictions? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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