Kiefer Sutherland Breaks Fashion Designer’s Nose With Angry Head Butt



The New York Post is reporting that actor Kiefer Sutherland got into a disagreement with Jack McCollough – one half of the design team Proenza Schouler – and ended it by breaking McCollough’s nose with a head butt, Bauer style. They apparently got into it at an after party for the Costume Institute Gala, disputing about – of all people – Brooke Shields. The fashion designer has apparently filed a complaint with police.

Sources on the scene allege that Sutherland, who’s been arrested on DUI charges in the past, was wasted. “Sutherland was really drunk and he got accidentally bumped by McCollough,” said one spy. “They started arguing and then he just head-butted him.”

Another party-goer who spotted Sutherland at an earlier after-party, revealed that the 24 star,” was running around wearing a giant feather boa and acting totally crazy. He was dancing feverishly and twirling people around all over the place. He seemed to be quite intoxicated.”

Some reports claim that Jack accidentally knocked Brooke to the ground, upsetting Kiefer, but her people have come forward to dispute this claim. “Jack did nothing inappropriate,” said Brooke’s rep. “It’s not clear what caused Kiefer to do what he did.”

[Photo: GettyImages]

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