BWE Writers Room: Today Show Anchor Can Barely Contain Her Nerdgasm Over Star Trek Actor


If you are seeing Star Trek this weekend and some crazy woman keeps booing and throwing popcorn at the screen every time Zachary Quinto‘s Spock comes on screen, there is a good chance it’s Today Show host Ann Curry. While Leonard Nimoy (best known for once guest-voicing an episode of The Simpsons) was being interviewed by Al Roker, Ann lost all control of her journalistic integrity and gushed about her girlhood crush on Mr. Nimoy. This is not some silly morning show host antics. You can practically see a seventeen year old Ann Curry staying home from prom to practice kissing on her Spock poster. She even grabbed his ears, which he NEVER lets people do. This was no time for an exception, Leonard. Everyone knows aliens from planet Curry mate through the ear canal.

For more coverage of Star Trek mania, check out Best Week Ever tomorrow night at 11pm.

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