Kate Gosselin Must Fix That Hairdo Before She Fixes Her Marriage



America is in the middle of a Gosselin-gossip fest this week, and the country is slowly turning on the family they once loved to watch.  Whatever the reason (Kate Gosselin‘s borderline abusive treatment of her pushover husband Jon, perhaps?) we can’t get enough of the screwed up reality stars, which means we’ve spent way too much time staring at Kate’s fugged-out hairdo. We don’t know if it’s the striped highlights or frenetically gelled buzz-cut on the back of her head that bother us more, but that monstrosity is more of disaster than her crumbling marriage.

Kate’s sexed up her image with a new tanned and toned look, but she’s clearly neglected to notice that her hairstyle has not been acceptable since Home Improvement went off the air. Kate should seek revenge on her maybe-cheater of a husband by having a threesome with a bottle of Clairol and a pair of scissors.

In case these pics aren’t scary enough, check out the website set up by the ex of Jon’s alleged girlfriend, Deanna Hummel. Be warned, it’s NSFW – he’s trying to hawk a sex tape he made with the school teacher, and he’s got the pics to prove it.   [Photo: FilmMagic]

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