In Case You Missed It: The Scrubs Finale


The final Scrubs episode aired this week. “Final” meaning not final at all if ABC decides to bring it back next season. Either way, after last night’s parade of guest stars who appeared on the show over the past eight seasons, we’re considering it the finale.

Our most memorable and personal favorite past guests? Let’s start with Leonard, the afro’d, hook-handed security guard who fell in love with old white lady Gloria; Dr. Seymour Beardfacé (“you’re pronouncing it wrong”); and Krazy Kristian nurse Laverne Roberts who gave the world the best way to say goodbye since “Stay Black.” We’ll miss you Seattle Grace Sacred Heart.

Part of us wants to see the Lost producers do this same thing with Dr. Jack Shephard. Tune in to Best Week Ever with Paul F.Tompkins tonight at 11pm so you’ll have something to talk about with your mother when you see her on Sunday. (You are going to see her on Sunday, aren’t you?)

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