The American Office Finally Has A Dance Of Its Own


The Office remained on a roll last night; right now, this show is going through a stretch of just flat-out funny episodes that we probably haven’t seen since Season 2 (no slight to 3 or 4, but there would usually be some B-pluses in between the great ones), and I’m really glad that the plot hasn’t immediately deflated back to normal since the Michael Scott Paper Company. Again, this week’s dilemma about whether to give clients back to their original salespeople or to keep Ryan and Pam on the sales staff was legitimately interesting, but never turned stupidly absurd or detracted from the jokes (“whooa girl….whoaaaaa…”) And the Cafe Disco plot was, as my friend half-positively and half-negatively described it, “very………….cute.”

Of the episode’s many highlights, none stood out quite like Andy Bernard’s dance-off, not only because it was amazing, but because finally, in the fifth season of the American Office, the show DARED to do a wacky dance sequence — if a character had done what Andy did back in Seasons 1 or 2, everyone would’ve immediately compared it to Ricky Gervais’ iconic UK Office dance, everyone would’ve bitched on every message board about how the British version was better, and people would again delay themselves the satisfaction of actually enjoying two things. The fact that only this morning did I even think to myself, “wow, Andy’s wacky dance was a little like that David Brent scene…” again shows how far the U.S. version has evolved and become its own entity, to the point where even I — who could probably recite the 12 UK episodes verbatim after waking from a six-month coma — don’t even think to compare the shows anymore.

How’s THAT for taking a lighthearted half hour comedy and turning it into philosophical douchebaggery? I’ll catch up with you one of these days, Klosterman

In case you missed it (or more likely just want to watch it again), Andy’s Dance:

[Ed Note – Several commenters correctly pointed out that there was a dance contest in the Season 2 Booze Cruise episode, so yes, this is not the first wacky dance in U.S. Office history. We’ll just call it the first “trying to be cool” dance sequence, and differentiate from Michael’s violent “motivational’ dancing]

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