Trekkies Boldly Take Fashion Where It’s Never Gone Before



We’ve been trolling through recent Star Trek red carpet photos, looking for juicy morsels in anticipation of the movie’s release today, but sadly the fashions on display fall short of stellar. Sure, Zoe Saldana sported a fairly spacey glittery number, and Heidi Klum flashed many-a-Vulcan salutes along with alien facial expressions.  But seriously people, this was a rare opportunity to beam up to the next level of cosmic fashion. Instead, it was nothing short of an intergalactic snooze fest.

Who, you might ask, actually DOES possess the daring to kick it up a notch and wear their fantasies on their sleeves? Who is willing to boldly going where no civilians have gone before? Here’s a clue: one only had to look into the crowd gathered at the LA premiere to catch a few of them posing with Eric “Nero” Bana. In their honor, we present to you a collection of off-the-wall, extreme Trekkie fashions throughout the years. Hopefully you’ll be able to scope some of these fine specimens waiting in theater lines today. And don’t be hatin’ — these are some brave folk!

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