Criss Angel Makes Friend’s Cat Disappear


Criss Angel

Cheesy magician Criss Angel is being accused of stealing Vegas comedian Jeff Beacher‘s cat (pictured together above with Paris Hilton). Apparently Beacher left his cat with a pal for a few days, and Angel swooped in, snagged the cat and – poof! – refused to give it back. Beacher is pissed off and is threatening to sue to get his whiskered friend home again. A letter to Angel from Beacher’s lawyer outlines the deets:

After both of Mr. Beacher’s parents passed away due to cancer [two years ago], his family’s cat (“Hamlet”) was bequeathed to him by will. At the time, Mr. Beacher was residing at the Hard Rock Hotel [in Las Vegas]. Accordingly, he allowed his friend Jennifer Madden to temporarily care for the cat until he moved out of the hotel. Soon thereafter, while still grieving over the recent loss of his father, my client received a phone call from you stating, ‘I took your cat. He lives with me now’ . . . This action was against the will of Ms. Madden and Mr. Beacher. I also understand that you made further bizarre allegations, including, ‘The cat no longer likes you’ and ‘The cat and I have become close friends.’ “

It seems that at least a year has passed since the great Las Vegas cat-napping, but that’s not stopping Beacher from going after what’s rightfully his. “I was a mess,” he says of the time lil’ Hamlet first went missing. “I’m better now and want my cat back.” [NYPost. Photo: GettyImages]

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