THE OFFICE FINALE: But Who Won The Volleyball Game??


Dwight V-BallThe Office finale was awesome, as we expected, capping about seven straight weeks of just top-notch episodes with great character moments, a legitimately interesting plot, and just laugh line after laugh line, reminding us all — despite some disagreements we’ve had in the past — why we spend time talking about this show every week.

Since my body is only capable of writing about 90,000 words of recappage a week, I’ll just throw out my random thoughts on the episode:

— Too many great parts to mention, but if I had to pick a favorite, the entire sequence of Dwight stalling just kept cracking me up, starting with “It just makes me SO MAD! AHHHH!!!! [Kicks ball] “I’ll get it.” [Walks really slowly towards the woods] followed by “How many people have to get hurt before we learn our lesson? One? Two? Three? Four? Let me finish…Five? Six?”

The Office Huebel– Close second: Michael’s “Why don’t you go to hell?” to Rob Huebel. “Hahaha…just kidding… I’ll get you the best iced tea in the world!”

— The Jim/Charles showdown in the volleyball game was reminiscent of the Jim/Roy basketball game from Season One; Charles also sort of crossed the line from being “believable, overly-corporate serious dude” to just being an outright A-hole. Rarely has Michael ended up being so right on his side of an ongoing argument.

— I realize the show wanted to end with the plot twist, but who won the volleyball game?? I thought for sure the closing credits would be Meredith spiking the winner, but we received no such closure… I’ll wait all damn summer, NBC…

— Also, why was David Wallace playing in the volleyball game? He just talked about how he had to do damage control for the Buffalo employees and their families, but he didn’t think it’d be a bit disingenuous to then go and enjoy– wait, never mind, Michelle will kill me for even implying that David Wallace should ever not be doing something on the show, so I’ll retract this paragraph.

Michael Picnic– On to less pressing matters…Pam’s pregnant, huh? On paper, a go-to season finale plot twist, but the show never built it up, ads for the show never said “WAIT’LL YOU SEE THIS CUH-RAZZZY ENDING,” they didn’t stupidly dramatize it, and it ended up being a really nice, really fitting end to a season that really hasn’t given Jim and Pam much to do comedy-wise.

— The glances between Michael and Holly were really legitimately tense, because sitting there, you wanted him to kiss her because it’s a tv show, but her boyfriend is there, they seem happy and they’re designing a house together (“for who?”), and there was just nothing else Michael could’ve done that wouldn’t have made the day awkward. Painful, believable dilemma that most of us can relate to (I really wanted to kiss Amy Ryan this one time…)

— Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons might point out that Pam once attempted to play Kelly in a game of table-tennis and spastically couldn’t get the ball over the net more than one time in a row. Obviously it’s a different game, but hard to believe she’d be that dominant at one sport and completely inept at a simpler sport? (Are we supposed to believe this is some sort of… heh heh… magic xylophone?)

— The whole Slumdog part was amazing; I loved Michael’s “$250 is more money than I have ever seen in my life!” which isn’t even a thing that anyone comes close to saying in the movie, but he just has this sort of vague idea of what the movie’s about and what his fake impoverished sketch character would say. Note the Jaws and Back To The Future skit-suggestions — BOTH rides at Universal Studios, and Universal properties, as is NBC. Alright, sorry, still thinking in Lost mode.

Finale thoughts, season thoughts, favorite lines, future predictions — I know I’m sure you wouldn’t if I didn’t tell you this, but leave ‘em in the comments!

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