The 15 Most Dazzling RPattz Blingees


Admittedly, Robert Pattinson is boring. Making Blingeeing the poor bastard all that much more difficult. Kudos to you guys for drawing blood from a non-twinkly stone, and we promise to make this week’s Blingee subject a little more… alive.

15. MeganTheFirst
dead behind the eyes

14. Courtney
hello dali

13. imattmypants
interview with a vampy

12. The Original M
Eff This, I'm going to Hogwarts...

11. Jenn W
...and you smell like one too!

10. whitney
Edward as Bella

9. Courtney
twilght fans

8. marywithchildren
Clocklight Orange

7. MeganTheFirst
how i feel about twilight

6. The Original M
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

5. Cynburghleah

4. whitney
Oh, He'll Do It

3. bailey
hanging with the boys

2. colleenpow
hello...good lookin

1. Courtney
sssssshhhut it

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