While You Were Catching On To This Whole “The Twitter” Dealie



  • Chace Crawford has replaced Zac Efron as the star of the upcoming Footloose remake. Gimmie a second to text my parents, although they probably already know.
  • In other heartthrob news, Robert Pattinson has signed on for Breaking Dawn, a fourth Twilight movie. He’s still in negotiations for Twilight 5: Twilight Meets Saw.
  • Us Weekly reports that Kate Gosselin fired 40 of her staffers in just three months. Fortunately, only six of those were her children.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career took another hit this week when voters shot down his massive budget restructuring plan. Schwarzenegger is confident he will return to prominence, though, quoting to the press while winking, “I’ll be returning to prominence soon.”
  • “Tarantino, Pitt In Cannes For Nazi-Slaying Caper” is a much funnier headline if you weren’t aware that a film festival was taking place.
  • Mickey Rourke had lunch with Jason Statham yesterday while also wearing a bird on his shoulder. Proving again that right when you’re about to give up on celebrity news, all the planets of awesome mystically align…
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