BWE Writers Room: Days Of Our Scrubs


It’s only been a couple of weeks since the finale of Scrubs, and we’re already going through withdrawal. So much so that we thought we were hallucinating when we saw, then heard, Nurse Laverne Roberts on an episode of Days of Our Lives. Imagine the delight upon learning it wasn’t a dream: Laverne is still on television. After doing a little Cynthia McFadden-style digging, we learned American Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate Aloma Wright has been moonlighting as Nurse Maxine on DOOL (that’s soap-speak for Days of our Lives) since February ‘08! Why. Weren’t. We. Alerted?! And, we’re really pissed now because it looks like she’s been sassing up the joint the whole time. Watch as she demonstrates how, even in a daytime dramatic role, she’s one of the great sassmasters of our generation.

Check out Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, now with 20 grams of sass per serving, this Friday at 11pm on VH1.

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