While You Were Preparing To Throw Kids Out Of The Way For Your Up Seat


Pattinson Noshirt

  • Robert Pattinson filmed a shirtless scene for the new Twilight movie yesterday. In another twist, vampires are in the movie.
  • Chris Pine will present an award with Kiefer Sutherland at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Kiefer Sutherland will probably not headbutt him. Seriously, he probably won’t. It’d be a really bad idea if he did. What?
  • Fox responded to the claim that the American Idol finale voting was fixed, saying “We promise, the final vote was the ONE thing we didn’t obviously control.”
  • Courtney Love apparently owes American Express $352,000. They might have a hard time taking the issue to court, though, with California’s well-known “Only F***ing Idiots Would Ever Trust Courtney Love With A Credit Card” Law.
  • And finally, a nice gallery of flying dogs.
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