MTV Movie Awards: Eminem Vs. Bruno – Was It Real?


If you weren’t tuned in to the MTV Movie Awards tonight you missed a real treat – and no, we’re not talking about Robert Pattinson. Bruno - the latest character performed by Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen – came down from the ceiling decked out in some white feathery number to deliver the Best Male Performance award. Instead, he awkwardly landed his ass on top of Eminem‘s face, which caused the rapper to have a curse-filled hissy fit before storming out of the show with his crew, who also threw a few punches in Bruno’s direction.

The drama is trending high on Twitter and Google Trends, with everyone asking: was the altercation a brilliantly staged bit between Em and Sasha, or did the rapper really freak out? Ryan Seacrest is insisting via Twitter that it was absolutely real. “If u saw the fight at mtv movie awards betwen eminem and “bruno” I am told it was real and em’s crew left the show,” he writes. The guys over at Gawker, however, think the whole thing was staged.

Real or fake, it kicked ass – and completely threw Best Male Performance winner Zac Efron for a loop. Watch the clip above and let us know what you think – real or fake?

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