TRAILER MIX: New Moon Looks To Duplicate Success Of Twilight With Tween-ized Werewolves


I’m not intimately familiar with the Twilight plotline, so here’s my best attempt at deciphering the trailer for New MoonKristen Stewart’s friend has a birthday party with a cake, then Kristen gets a papercut and goes “ow, papercut” then a vampire tries to eat the blood from her papercut and Robert Pattinson’s like “eat some piano!” but then he’s like “I’m sorry, I gotta go, you can chill in this vampire jungle” then a vampire’s like “I vant to suck your bloooodddd!!” then a shirtless guy’s like “I’m shirtless but now holy sh*t I’m a wolf!”

I’m going to sell this description to cable services to be the movie’s viewing guide blurb.

1:31 makes this entire preview.

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