Megan Fox’s Toe Thumbs Take Over The Web



Megan Fox recently claimed that she is “struggling” with her recent mega-fame, but insists she hasn’t “gone completely insane.” Well this might just push her over the edge! The internet – spurred on by a conversation on today’s Howard Stern show – is currently up in, uh, arms over Megan’s “toe thumbs.” If you dont’ believe us, ask Google Trends.

You know the thumbs of which we – and the web – speak. Surely someone in your life (or maybe it’s you!) has a pair of inexplicably short and stumpy thumb nails that resemble a big toe more than a slender finger. We’ve seen ‘em on regular people before, it’s no big thing. But on Megan Fox?! Apparently the net’s decided that such a genetic deformity is inexcusable for the sexiest woman in the world.

Though we hate to imagine it, there must be some sort of discrete, surgical procedure out there that can transform her freakish digits. And when that happens, this and every other entertainment site on the web will be ready. Look for a before and after post on her thumbs coming any day now! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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