Who’s Scarier? David Letterman Or Al Roker?


It’s Republican women vs. goofy guys in glasses! First Alaskan governor Sarah Palin got upset when David Letterman made a joke about her daughter getting knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. The Late Show host swears he was joking about 18-year-old daughter Bristol, that didn’t stop her spokesperson from saying “it would be wise to keep [14-year-old] Willow away from David Letterman.” Because only a perv could joke about her kids getting pregnant, right? “I would like to see him apologize to young women across the country,” Palin told Matt Lauer on Today.

Then, after Al Roker‘s surprisingly combative interview this morning with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag on the same show, Montag accused Roker of “verbally assaulting” her, adding ” I would warn any people, especially women, who are going on the show to watch out for him.”

So who’s the bigger scare to women? Letterman or Roker? Even if you think both situations are absurd, surely one of these goofballs gives you the willies.

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