R. Kelly’s Seriously Creepy Pick Up Lines



He’s been plagued by sex-scandals for years, so you’d think that R. Kelly would work on getting some subtle chat-up lines for when he wants to hit on some unsuspecting lady. But judging from his reported behavior in London, we’re a little bit freaked. At the city’s Mo*vida club, he allegedly tried it on with a girl by pulling her hair and saying , “Do you like that? It’s pain, but it’s good pain, isn’t it?”

Um, no. It’s scary.  His other words weren’t much better, instead dripping with finest low-grade cheese: “Come back with me to my hotel. It’s only seven minutes away. I haven’t invited anybody else back. Well… maybe one or two girls… I want to make you feel good, like you never have before. I’m for real.” What girl wouldn’t be seduced by those romantic words? Oh, we’ve just been a little bit sick in our mouths. [Photo: Getty Images]

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