The Most Underreported Story Of The Day


Forget Perez Hilton’s black eye. Hell, forget Iran. Cameron Diaz has skin problems. The FABlife‘s Becky Howard reported this morning that the actress was given her own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but our writer mistakenly focused on Tom Cruise‘s sweaty armpits while missing the real story (don’t worry, she’s been punished), which is all about Cameron’s psoriasis — a skin “disease” that does not easily clear up. And can come back at any time!

According to “celebrity skin expert” Vail Reese, a doctor who hands out the annual Skinnies Awards, there is little hope for Cameron’s skin. “After battling acne for years, yet another skin condition to deal with!,” explains the doctor. “She has also suffered with facial pigmentation issues and sun overexposure.” Oh my. Shouldn’t Hollywood be hiding Cameron, not promoting her? We wouldn’t want this condition spreading to other A-listers. Our economy couldn’t handle it.

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