Girl From Gossip Girl Stars In “Gossip Girl: The Music Video”


This band Cobra Starship released a music video today featuring Leighton Meester, hot off her recent sex tape scandal. I have never really watched Gossip Girl (except, you know, every episode at least seven times), but I assume they wanted this video to look like a scene from the show. I was really caught me off guard when, in the middle of the loose music video storyline, the pretty girl character played by Ms. Meester starts SINGING! I mean, Alicia Silverstone didn’t start singing in the middle of the “Crazy” video. Ben Affleck didn’t start singing in the middle of the “Jenny from the Block” video. What gives, Cobra Starship???

I can’t really put down Leighton’s singing ability. She’s sure as hell better than Heidi Montag. But if she really does launch a singing career, it totally kills my plan to start a band called “The Leighton Meesters” with my friend Kenny in Boston. I really liked that name. Looks like we’re going with “The Blake Livelies” after all, Kenn.

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