40 Photos Of Lindsay Lohan Picking At Her Mouth



For the past few months, we here at the Lindsay Lohan Anthropological Society have noticed an interesting trend. That is, our subject, Ms. Lohan, has taken to posing with her fingers in her mouth. Our research pinpoints the start of what we’ve coined “the face-pick pose” to August 2008, when Lindsay very suddenly and inexplicably began posing with her fingers dangling out of her mouth. It’s as if she’s been caught mid-nail bite, while also pondering the meaning of stilettos. And it’s become her favorite pose.

Photographic evidence shows that Lohan engages in the face-pick pose in both posed, red carpet pics as well as candid snapshots, which leads us to believe that the face-pick is at times deliberate, and at other times purely habit and done without thinking. Still, the overall intention of the face-pick pose remains a mystery. It’s neither sexy nor attractive, and gives off the illusion that Lindsay has just discovered treasure hidden deep in her tobacco-laced gums. Or perhaps she just likes sucking the self-tanner off her fingers? Regardless, it’s the most disturbing Lindsay trend since her obsession with leggings which – much to our own horror – has yet to end.

Peruse our photographic evidence of Lindsay’s face-pick pose below.

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