OPEN THREAD: What Awkward Converstion Happened Between Woody and Russell?


It seems that at yesterday’s Wimbledon finals the rest of Hollywood ditched out and forget to tell Woody Allen and Russell Crowe. The two men ended up sitting a row apart, and judging from this photo were avoiding the inevitable “we’re both famous, I guess we have to acknowledge each other” conversation.


If they did even talk, I see it going one of two ways:

Russell: “I’m a big fan, Mr. Allen. I’d love to work with you one of these days, mate. Shall we discuss it over some beers?”
Woody: “Well, I just so happen to have a script about a neurotic undercover cop in Brooklyn who plays by his own rules but can’t seem to work out his relationship with a sexy but equally neurotic dental hygienist. You’d be perfect.”

That, or:

Woody: “Hello, Russell. I loved your work in 3:10 to Yuma. I’ve actually been working on a script about a Jewish cowboy–”
Russell: “Can it, nerd. Either watch the match or I’ll pound your face. And give me Scarlett Johansson’s number. I don’t care if she’s married.”

Ok, your turn.

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