Gwyneth Ditches Food For Three Weeks


The latest edition of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s e-newsletter GOOP dropped in our inboxes this morning, and once again the actress is championing the power of skipping solid foods to detox the body. This time Gwynnie is plugging something called the “Clean” cleanse, during which she existed on “mostly juice” for three weeks. That sounds about as pleasant as watching Shallow Hal, but the bony blond is heralding it as “amazing.”

Says Paltrow, “…this program allowed me to work and exercise regularly, something I cannot do if I am on a liquid-only detox. I followed it to the letter and I can report that it worked wonders. I feel pure and happy and much lighter (I dropped the extra pounds that I had gained during a majorly fun and delicious “relax and enjoy life phase” about a month ago).”

We want to like Gwyneth, we really do, but there’s something about her that’s just so exasperating. Maybe it’s all those “extra pounds” that bug us? Eh, whatever. We can’t be bothered to worry about it, as we’ve gotta go eat lunch – or as some people call it, “relax and enjoy life.”

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