Is This America’s Susan Boyle???


No, probably not. But comedian Grandma Lee is thus far the most likely America’s Got Talent contestant to have her video forwarded to you by relatives you barely speak with.

It was a familiar scene when I first watched this. I was booing loudly at my computer screen when she walked on stage… JUST like when I first saw that Susan Boyle video. I mean, look at her. There’s no way this old bag would even know how to operate her own VCR, nonetheless string together a set up and punchline. She probably can’t even eat solid food! Get back in your rocker, Grandma Lee! Then came the jokes:

GreatAmerican_RdTrip1She did tell some funny jokes and everyone in the audience gave her a standing ovation, so I’m going ahead and officially crowning her ‘America’s Susan Boyle’ [mostly so I don’t have to worry about this anymore]. She’s a pistol, I’ll give her that.

Any other nominees yet for ‘America’s Susan Boyle’ or can I focus all my NBC reality show attention on The Great American Roadtrip hosted by what looks like Andy Richter‘s long lost special needs brother?

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