Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Eat For 10 Days



It’s not just Gwyneth Paltrow who “enjoys” the strict denial of food to pass her lips. Super-sporty Matthew McConaughey has revealed that he also indulges in a few days of good ol’ starvation to Zen him out, hitting the road for a 10-day liquid-only fast.

“I’m high and clean and tight, man. It’s good to feel hungry. If you keep filling your tank when it’s three-quarters empty, you’re gonna run on old fuel. So you gotta drive it down to empty and let it work. I came down here to press a little reset and then head back down the road,” he told the Sunday Times magazine.

Right. Nice car analogy, Matteus. But last time we tried to “drive it down to empty” we broke down and had to call out for roadside assistance. So what we’re saying is…no freakin’ way. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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