Katie Price Reveals Miscarriage, Pete Retaliates



The British media is predictably becoming a daily battle ground as the split between Katie “Jordan” Price and Peter Andre stays nasty. The latest salvo fired by the former glamor girl is the revelation that she suffered a miscarriage soon after returning from the U.S. — and days before she ran the London Marathon. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Katie — who has been accused of crass, tarty behavior in Ibiza since the split — told tearfully what had happened.

“I was pregnant in America and the baby died … Emotionally for any woman, whether you’re in the media or not, to have a baby die, run the marathon, which is also a big thing on your body, and then your husband wants a divorce, split up. That’s a lot for someone to take in,” she said.

But Pete, who has so far come across as the more dignified partner in the messy breakup, responded to Katie’s disclosure in his weekly New! magazine column. “By revealing all about the baby we lost, Kate went against everything we said we’d never do. The miscarriage was a devastating time for us both, but I strongly believe it should have remained private,” he wrote.

The PR battle is certainly on again between the Jon and Kate of the UK, but the whole thing just seems sad when you think about the effect this must be having on their kids. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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