THAT’S WHAT WE SAID: NY Post Catches on to Rashida Jones’ D.C. Boyfriend



Today’s NY Post Page Six column “breaks” some news about I Love You Man‘s Rashida Jones that, in our opinion, seems a little stale:

RASHIDA Jones, of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” with current beau Jon Favreau, President Obama‘s whiz kid speechwriter, in the lobby of Favreau’s swanky DC apartment building, the Charleston.

The blogosphere seems to be surprised by this coupling. But remember? We broke this news over two months ago, after a pal spotted the two in a less than compromising position:

Here’s how it went down: Rashida and Jon were hanging out in an exclusive bar in the Georgetown area (yes, D.C. does have “exclusive places”, unless you’re a WASP, as then the world is your nest.) Our tipster reports that the two were attached at the hip all evening, until they starting making out with each other at the bar. Eventually, they left with one another. We can only assume they did the inevitable… shake hands (hands = genitals.)

The next night, Rashida was spotted looking radiant* (*bc she probs had ess) at the White House Correspondents dinner, while her latest boy toy was likely busy backstage writing one liners for the POTUS.

So why are we bringing this up again? Because we’re still jealous of this bish. Also, PTL, we broke a story for once. Take that, Scrapbooking Times.

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