Anti-Gay Protesters Show Up At Idol Concert



Apparently, limiting marriage rights in California isn’t enough for some anti-gay activists so they’re taking their message to concerts too, like this week’s American Idol concert in San Jose. A crowd of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church (home of Fred Phelps, hatemonger to end all others) came to the Idol concert on Sunday to spew their hate and show America that listening to Adam Lambert will convert our children to homosexuality and turn us all into deviants. Clearly that’s why Lambert uses a fog machine, to confuse and disorient us all before taking us to the dark side.

Even though we will never understand what goes on in the minds of people who need to stand outside an arena and yell evil things, it warms our hearts to see that some people on tour aren’t standing for it. Fellow Top 10 performer Michael Sarver took to his Twitter to condemn the actions of the protesters, writing, “Funny how people think it’s a good idea to mess with a big Texan and his AI family. LOL Adam is just fine, shakes it off and so should we. . .We are together in this thing. You mess with one you mess with all ten. We are strong and we are 1. For those outside protesting I say do not judge less ye be judged yourself. Guys don’t mind these people, we are a strong family.”

See, now that just makes us sorry we didn’t vote for you, Michael! [Photo: GettyImages]

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