Anna Paquin Turns Make-A-Wish Dolphin’s Dream Into a Reality


Anna Paquin better be sending a jar of jam to the damn ocean as a whole. That’s because even though we find the actress completely terrible and intolerable as a whole (a feeling that stems back to when we were college classmates and her nickname was Anna Crackquin), we just can’t help but love her a little bit for these pictures of her and her hot-as-aitch boyfriend, True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, having an absolute b-l-a-s-t at Sea World.

Here she is slow dancing with one of these no-footed geniuses:


And here’s the upcoming poster to Paquin’s long-awaited sequel: Fly Away Home 2: Oh, You Can’t Fly? Well, March Away Home, Then


Ahead, photos of Anna and boyfriend Stephen Moyer holding penguins! And a photo gallery that will surely fulfill your Daily Celebrity Dolphin quotient…

Boyfriend Stephen Moyer is no doubt one of the best parts of True Blood, though if I was a penguin, what with my little bird face the size of a nickel, and saw this pasty ass vampire face so close to mine, I’d probably be a little more terrified than ol’ Non-Chalant Jones seen below:


In other news, check out the happy couple in the below gallery.

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