Omer Bhatti Confirms He’s Not M.J.’s Secret Son



Despite the rumors, the suspiciously good seating at the memorial service and the squint-and-you-can-see-it resemblance, Omer Bhatti is claiming that Michael Jackson was definitely not his father. The 25 year old, who lived at Neverland Ranch for eight years, claims that while Jackson was his best friend and treated him like a son, there was no blood relation.

Bhatti explained, “Michael always used to say I was like a son to him, but my true parents are here in Norway. The reason I was asked to sit with his family at the memorial service is because I was Michael’s closest friend – not because I am his son.” (Oh snap, Liz Taylor-Omer Bhatti Best-Friend-Off!)

Jackson met Omer and his parents in Tunisia in 1996 and immediately took to the boy and offered his parents positions working for him – mother Pia Bhatti was a nanny for Jackson’s son Prince Michael and his father, Huayoun Bhatti, became a driver. They all lived at Neverland; the parents stayed in a cottage on the property while Omer lived in the main house and at times shared a bed, as all 12-year-old boys do, with Jackson. After publicly explaining all of that – let’s be honest – total weirdness, we feel like it might just have been easier to say, “Yeah, MJ was my father.” [Photo: Splash News Online]

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