Jackson’s Doctor Administered Deadly Drugs, Possibly Fell Asleep



There was speculation for a few weeks, but now it is confirmed: Michael Jackson‘s doctor, Conrad Murray, had admitted to giving Jackson an IV drip of the anesthetic propofol – which Jackson relied on to sleep – the night of his death. The doctor told police that he administered the drug sometime after midnight on June 25. It is thought that after Dr. Murray started the IV drip he fell asleep himself and when he awoke, Jackson’s heart had already failed.  Things don’t really look good for the doctor at this point, as the manslaughter evidence keeps piling up against him.

Propofol is generally only used for anesthesia; to use it regularly as a sleep aid, as Jackson did for at least two years, is inappropriate as it causes breathing to slow and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. TMZ also explains that patients are usually hooked up to an EKG while on propofol so the heart rate can be monitored, and Jackson was not hooked up to anything. Murray, who practices medicine in California, Texas and Nevada, is currently being investigated by the Medical Board of California, which could strip him of his ability to practice in the state. His Houston office was raided last Wednesday as well in a search for propofol. The doctor remains in seclusion in his Las Vegas home. [Photo: GettyImages]

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