And The Cover For Next Month’s Issue of Tom Arnold Magazine Is….



Roseanne as Hitler! Actually, this is a photo from the latest issue of Heeb Magazine, a publication run by Jews if you can believe it. We appreciate the boldness of the above image, the genius of taking advantage of Roseanne’s insanity, however dare we suggest the mustache is a little too wide? We dare.

The bad news is the article is entitled “That ‘Oven Feeling.” The good news is 3 out of 4 of my Holocaust surviving Grandparents have already passed away, and my Grandmother still doesn’t know what the internet is, unless by “internet” you mean “Publisher’s Clearing House”, and by “e-mail” you mean “Did I win Publisher’s Clearing House?”, in which case, the woman basically invented the internet. So… wait, that’s good news right?

It seems the only winner in this whole Jew-hatey debacle is Roseanne’s ex-husb and man who made True Lies amazing Bill Paxton Tom Arnold. You go Tom Arnold.

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